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Presti & Naegele’s Alex Flores named Insightful Accountant’s Top 100 ProAdvisors

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The long wait is over – Insightful Accountant is excited to announce our “Top 100 ProAdvisors for 2017.” Our Categorical Winners and “ProAdvisor of the Year” will be announced during one of the Main Stage Events at next month’s “Scaling New Heights” conference in Orlando, Fla.

A special thank you to our sponsors, Canon imageFORMULA Document Scanners, ADP, Finagraph, Scaling New Heights, and Intuit’s QuickBooks ProAdvisor Program.

Without these sponsors we would not be able to bring you these awards. Here’s a list of the winners:

Marjorie Adams
Lynn Ailsworth
Brett Barry
Jonathan Bello
Christy Bertani
Marti Bockhold
Judy Borland – Emeritus (2016 ProAdvisor of the Year)
Debbie Bosse
Megan Bronson
Natalie Browne
Jonyce Bullock
Stacey Byrne
Steven Clement
James Cliame
Susan Cook
Kathleen Courtnier
Jeremy Craig
Deborah Defer
Karen Dellaripa
Carla Demers
Maureen Diem
Paulette Dreher
Audrey Duke
Wendelyn Duquette
Terumi Echols
Ingrid Edstrom
William English
David Enix
Jane Faulks
Gita Faust
Alex Flores
Gabrielle Fontaine
Esther Friedberg Karp
Jill Frillman
Hector Garcia
Diane Gilson
Nancy Gomez
Keith Gormezano
Tim Grant
Robin Hall
Pat Hartley
Susan Hawkins
Mariko Hayashi-Hall
Patricia Hendrix
Mario Hernandez
Gail Hilburn
Christine Hoke
Susan Humphreys
Caleb Jenkins
Carrie Kahn
Rich Kane
Stacy Kildal
Debra Kilsheimer
Gale Kirsopp
Beverly Lang
Michelle Long
Denise Loter-Koch
Diane Lucas
Laura Madeira
Vic Madeira
Diane Margulies
Lane Maurer
Sharon Michalowicz
Cindy Moore
Patty Mory
Mario Nowogrodzki
Laurie O’Neil
Nancy Orben
Aubrey Pasial
Lisa Pierpont
Susan Pruskin
M B Raimondi
Cherri Rapp
Laura Redmond
Debra Rockwell
Rhonda Rosand
Raeann Salter
Linda Saltz
Heather Satterley
Nancy Schreiner
Cindy Schroeder
Caren Schwartz
Wilna Sepulvado – Emeritus (2015 ProAdvisor of the Year)
Jeff Siegel
Karen Siewert
Stephen M Smith
Richard Stanfield
Marnie Stretch
Mark Stricker
Alisa Sutton
Judith Syms
Jeanne Tarazevits
Kathy Tighe
Haiden Turner
Dominique Waits
Veronica Wasek
Jim Wells
Catherine Wolfe
Kevin  Woods
Cathy Wool
Catherine Wynne-Jones – Emeritus (2014 ProAdvisor of the Year)
Kathy Zaroczynski
Julie Zevchek

We’d like to congratulate everyone who made this year’s list. You earned every point. Don’t let anyone say you didn’t. And, if you didn’t make the list this year, don’t get discouraged, there were a handful of people who were “oh so close.”

So, be sure to earn and keep up those certifications and continuing education credits.

We had several new people join the ranks of the “Top 100” this year due to former participants choosing not to apply, or failing to maintain certifications and getting out paced by newbies. 

Each year, at least one spot opens up because our prior year’s “ProAdvisor of the Year” becomes an Emeritus member. This isn’t included in the 100-ranked positions, so next year you could be the one assured newbie among the elite who are the “Top 100 ProAdvisors” for 2018.